New Hampshire, USA

Bio: Environmental Communication Scholar, environmentalist, and artist. Trying to make a difference through academia, education, art and music.

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  1. Hi
    I have been browsing the website of IECA and that is how I came across your blog. It is true that the grim truth of climate change is often left unspoken in the media.
    Like there is a lot of misinformation or deliberately misleading information about the uses and ill effects of Palm oil in bakery products in India. This is something I read today.
    Similarly in politics and other fields, newspapers blatantly spread misinformation, connive to hide relevant data so on.Its time to conclude then that there is nothing like ‘responsible journalism’ today!


    • Thanks for your comments. Sorry I’ve not posted in a while. I’ve been producing an environmental radio show at wmpg.org. It is called Ecotones and tries to highlight the positive things people and organizations are doing here in the Portland Maine area to increase our ecological sustainability. But now you’ve inspired me to convert some of my show scripts in to blog posts. Thanks!

      So yes, responsible journalism is so necessary. And have you heard of “peace journalism”? Another important wing of journalism that could use some waking up. http://www.peacejournalism.org/Peace_Journalism/Welcome.html

      So are you a member of the IECA? We are looking to increase our embership in the southern hemisphere…




      • Hi Richard
        Will check up the website. The radio show sounds interesting. Would love to read the script. I am keen to be a member of IECA. Found the work very interesting. But maybe a little later…need to understand more about what it takes and benefits …keep writing


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